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The one where Friends reunions keep happening on Instagram

Screenshot: Friends (YouTube)

We may not get a full-fledged Friends reunion, but Instagram’s become the de facto gathering place for the cast, especially since Jennifer Aniston joined the social media platform. Courtney Cox, for example, just posted a photo of herself with co-star Matthew Perry—the two played the show’s actual iconic couple Chandler and Monica (sorry, Ross and Rachel). “Guess who I had lunch with today...I KNOW!!! Could I BE any happier?” she captioned it.


This isn’t all. Lisa Kudrow and Aniston also commented to show their approval. “Lucky lucky,” said Kudrow. “MATTY!” declared Aniston. And all of the show’s stars on Instagram recently celebrated the show’s 25th year anniversary by posting a promotional image with some sweet words. Cox, a true Insta fiend, went a step further to share another mini-reunion.

Now that most of them are keeping up with the times (where’s the petition to get Perry an account?), should we just expect the Friends reboot to be an Instagram story? You never know.

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