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The one-armed man is back as Warner Bros. plots another Fugitive movie

The Fugitive (1993)

If the ’90s taught us anything, it’s that baby boomers love movie versions of the TV shows they grew up with, from the reverent meta-parody of The Brady Bunch Movie to forgotten cash grabs like Car 54, Where Are You?. But one of the most well received television-to-film adaptations of the era was 1993’s The Fugitive. Based on the ’60s television series of the same name, the big-budget reworking starring Harrison Ford and Tommy Lee Jones spent six weeks as the number one film at the box office and garnered Jones the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor.

Now Deadline is reporting that Warner Bros. has began developing a new installment of The Fugitive; it’s uncertain whether this new Fugitive will be a direct sequel, a third entry following the 1998 sequel U.S. Marshals, a gritty reboot, or a retro-style reimagining of the original series. The verdict is also still out as to whether this is a throwback to the ’60s or the ’90s, both of which are trending right now. We do know, however, that Warner Bros. has charged up-and-coming screenwriter Christiana Hodson with writing the screenplay, and that Arnold and Anne Kopelson, who produced the 1993 film, will return.


The Kopelsons won’t say whether Harrison Ford will return to not kill his wife again or whether Tommy Lee Jones will return not to care. It’s doubtful that Ford needs the cash, but he is open to revisiting the roles that made him rich—he already made Star Wars nerds cry in the trailer for The Force Awakens, and will soon reprise his role as Rick Deckard in a Blade Runner sequel. Jones, for his part, doesn’t find any of this very amusing.

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