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The Olympus Has Fallen sequel director has fallen

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London Has Fallen, the sequel to 2013’s blockbuster Olympus Has Fallen, is suddenly without a director. Charlie Countryman director Fredrik Bond signed on to the project in August but left due to creative differences, according to The Hollywood Reporter.


As previously reported, the film casts the same people in a similar situation as Olympus, only this time, the U.S. president (Aaron Eckhart), his devoted Secret Service bodyguard (Gerard Butler), and the Speaker of the House (Morgan Freeman) are in London to attend the prime minister’s funeral. While there, the brave Americans must use their American brain power/body power to save the entire city of London from (what else?) terrorists.

Bond’s departure comes just six weeks before London Has Fallen is slated to begin filming, leaving Millennium Films little time to find a new director. Nevertheless, Millennium is still reportedly committed to its release date of October 2, 2015.

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