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The Olympic arenas in Rio are already falling apart

(Photo: Getty Images, Christophe Simon/AFP)

Remember the 2016 Summer Olympics in Brazil? They were a lot of fun, what with Leslie Jones getting really excited, Michael Phelps making that funny face, the water turning green, and Ryan Lochte lying about getting robbed at gunpoint. That was way back in August, though, so maybe it’s time for us to check on Rio de Janeiro and see how the city is enjoying those fancy arenas it built for the games:


Oh, well that’s not so good. As explained in an ABC News story, many of the venues used for the Olympics are “abandoned and desolate,” with the city now unsure of how it will repay the $40 million it owes to creditors who helped fund the construction of the facilities. So, while the city figures that out, this stuff just sits there and falls further and further into disrepair.

If Olympics organizers at Rio de Janeiro had read this story we posted during the games, they might’ve realized that this sort of thing pretty much happens to every city that hosts the Olympics. Surely Pyeongchang, South Korea will be fine in 2018, though, so the people of that city should just relax and enjoy the (relatively small) influx of tourism they’re going to get next year.

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