The Ohio State University marching band is making it really difficult for people outside the state of Ohio to despise everything about the football team. Last week’s Michael Jackson tribute featured the band creating a giant, moonwalking silhouette of the pop star, and this past weekend’s show was a film-themed extravaganza. In a nine-minute halftime performance, the band played the major themes from Superman, Lord Of The Rings, Jurassic Park, Harry Potter, and Pirates Of The Caribbean. But even more impressive were the band’s formations, which were once again composed of some eye-popping animation that looks insanely cool even before you remember it’s all created by individual people marching and playing instruments at the same time.

There’s the One Ring and the Eye Of Sauron, Harry Potter flying across the field on a broomstick to catch a Golden Snitch, and a stunning Tyrannosaurus Rex eating somebody—before the requisite sinking of pirate ship with a Michigan flag, complete with cannon pyrotechnics. Some Michigan alumni in your office will still hate on this and mumble angrily about athletes getting free tattoos, but they’re just sore after a decade of getting owned and won’t let go of a grudge for a little fun. Watch the full performance below or, if you don't have time for fun, watch the sped-up GIF version here.