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The Oh, Hello boys would also be perfectly happy to host the Oscars, you know, if anyone is asking

Photo: Joan Marcus (Netflix)

Suggesting one possible way the Academy might get out of the increasingly difficult question of “Who the fuck is going to host next year’s Oscars, huh?” that it’s currently facing—i.e., “Pick two guys with so many skeletons, dead wives, and tuna in their closets that no one can choose just one thing to yell at them about”—the stars of Broadway’s Oh, Hello are now offering their services to the embattled institution. Indeed, George St. Geegland and Gil Faizon—charmed, we’re sure—have assured fans that they’ve already taken the jobs, and that the wheels are now steadily in motion for them to make the gig their own.


Admittedly, the two human monsters’ alter-egos—comedians John Mulaney and Nick Kroll—seemed a little more skeptical about their chances, suggesting that the two avowed Steely Dan fans might not be ready for the pressures that such a high-profile duty entails, the kind of international scrutiny that sent prospective host Kevin Hart running from the engagement earlier this week. As Vulture notes, Kroll and Mulaney both have some awards show experience—having hosted the Film Independent Spirit Awards together for the last two years—so they presumably know whether that level of fame would be just too much tuna for these two men to consume.

On the other hand, Jesus Christ but would we watch an Oscars telecast that was just Kroll and Mulaney screwing around in character, ignoring the big musical numbers, and trying to give every award to Alan Alda. Who would even remember Hart’s anti-gay comments, or the big Moonlight fuck-up, or even which movies won this year, once they’d seen what Gil and Georgie could do to a stage?


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