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The official Adventure Time Lego sets are totally mathematical

Adventure Time

Adventure Time
Come on grab your bricks
For licensed fun from Lego Lands
If not your dad
Might step on them
And yell at you a bunch it’s Adventure Time

A few months ago we reported on the intersection between whimsy and commerce that is the Adventure Time Lego set, produced from a suggestion recieved by the Danish block-maker’s Lego Ideas program. Now, Lego is ready to unveil its little plastic Finns and Jakes in all their interlocking, brightly colored glory.


The Adventure Time Lego set will include eight characters from the long-running Cartoon Network show, including Princess Bublegum, Marceline, the Ice King, and adorably sentient video game machine BMO. The set will apparently feature 495 bricks in its effort to emulate the Land of Ooo, with Lego forgoing its usual “Lego person” minifigures in favor of constructed versions of each character. (The Lady Rainicorn figure looks especially elaborate.) They’ll go on sale in January of 2017, so you might want to mark your gift-buying calenders for all the kids (or kid-like adults) in your life.

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