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The official Adventure Time Lego set will take your money to the Land Of Ooo

(Photo: Lego Ideas)

In what is clearly a match made in heaven, Lego and Adventure Time—two things ostensibly for kids but appreciated by adults “on a deeper level”—are teaming up for an official Adventure Time Lego set of some kind. This is a product of the Lego Ideas program, which gathers suggestions from Lego fans and previously brought the world the Doctor Who, Back To The Future, Ghostbusters, and Big Bang Theory sets, and was originally pitched by someone named aBetterMonkey. That person/monkey’s initial idea—which you can see above—was simply various Adventure Time characters recreated using Lego bricks, but the final design of the official set hasn’t been announced yet. In theory, Lego could go for something more elaborate involving scenery or a different batch of characters, but any details about that probably won’t be announced for a while.

You can see a video Lego’s announcement below, which also lays out the process of how these ideas are chosen and what will happen next.

[via LaughingSquid]


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