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The Office's Paul Lieberstein is developing the first inevitable "remote office" sitcom

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Well, this was probably inevitable: The first of what we can only assume will be a whole spate of coronavirus-inspired comedies is now officially in the works. (It’s like the great historians wrote: To truly understand a society, you must look first and foremost to its sitcoms.) Per Deadline, The Office’s Paul Lieberstein and Ben Silverman are looking to apply their workplace comedy bona fides to workplaces that also double as bedrooms, living rooms, and, occasionally, bathrooms. (Note: The above comment should not be construed as evidence of wrongdoing by any of our colleagues calling in to the weekly A.V. Club Zoom meetings.)


Currently untitled, the series will possibly drop the virus aspects, but keep the “constantly looking at a too-close image of our coworkers” vibe of the current situation, focusing on an “office” in which all staff members are forced to be on camera with each other all day, every day. (Which does, in fact, kind of sound like Black Mirror: Dunder Mifflin Edition.) Besides the obvious increase in all-important talking head real estate, the series would also presumably be pretty easy to film in the current climate: Just find your actors, send them a script, and have them webcam themselves.

It’s not clear where the show would land as of yet, although its various production companies already have plenty of in-roads with Netflix and the other big streamers. Silverman’s recent credits include You Vs. Wild and the Charmed reboot, while Lieberstein recently worked on the second-draft version of Adam Scott and Craig Robinson’s paranormal comedy series Ghosted.

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