As FEMA continues to offload and relocate the actors aboard The Office's sinking ship, Fox has become like the Houston to NBC's New Orleans, taking in as many Office refugees as it can fit while warily eyeing the crime rates. Now it looks as though Mindy Kaling might soon be joined by Angela Kinsey, who was just airlifted into the network for a sitcom she co-created and will co-star in with Rachael Harris titled Dirty Blondes, probably because Flinty Blondes, while slightly more accurate, is not a good name for a show. The series is reportedly based on Kinsey and Harris' longtime real-life friendship, casting the two as recently divorced pals brought closer together by the ends of their marriages—like a modern-day Kate & Allie, let's say, only shorter and blonder (and since Zombieland director Ruben Fleischer is set to helm the first episode, possibly with more freeze frames). Meanwhile, Ellie Kemper and Oscar Nunez are still trapped inside, staving off the day when they're forced to consider eating each other.