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The Office’s Pam finally gets to feel God in this Chili’s again

Screenshot: The Office

As hardcore The Office fans will no doubt remember, Pam Beesly was banned from Chili’s for life after the season-two episode “The Dundies,” when Michael Scott’s fake awards ceremony for the Dunder-Mifflin staff took place at the popular happy-hour chain restaurant. Faced with winning the “Longest Engagement” award for yet another year, Pam gets in a fight with her lame-ass boyfriend Roy and proceeds to get hammered. Fortunately, Jim pulls some strings, so Pam instead wins the “Whitest Sneakers” award, inspiring her to say that she senses “God in this Chili’s tonight” in her charming yet wasted acceptance speech. Unfortunately, her drunkenness results in her lifetime ban from Chili’s happy hours forever, as an employee emphatically states that Pam is “not welcome at this restaurant chain ever again.”

On Monday, Pam’s portrayer, Jenna Fischer, stood outside of a Chili’s with a perplexing dilemma, 11 years later:


Fischer’s tweet quickly went viral, eventually resulting in the following pronouncement from the home of the Triple Dipper™ appetizer platter, along with an official press release lifting the ban:

To which Fischer responded in a very Pam-like way:


We feel God in this Twitter feed this morning.

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