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The romantic journey of Jim and Pam was one of The Offices most compelling storylines throughout its first few seasons. The then-engaged-to-someone-else Pam seemed oblivious to Jim’s obvious-to-everyone-else crush on her, even as the two inched closer together in episodes like “The Dundies,” the “Booze Cruise,” and “Casino Night.” The two finally locked lips in the second season—but was that their first official kiss?

Turns out even the players involved are divided on the subject. Jenna Fischer, who played Pam, now has a podcast with Angela Kinsey (who played Angela) called Office Ladies, and the two discussed the matter on a recent, vital episode. Mashable points out that John Krasinski, who played Jim, agrees with Kinsey: The first kiss was the one that a drunken Pam planted on Jim at The Dundies, Dunder Mifflin’s annual awards ceremony. Relieved after learning that she was not getting yet another award for “World’s Longest Engagement,” a tanked Pam falls on the ground and, when Jim helps her up, she kisses him briefly.


But Fischer maintains, “I did not consider this their first kiss,” because she sees it as accidental. She was aiming for his cheek, his head turned, and nature took its course. Fans of the podcast also pointed out that no one in the office made a big deal about the kiss, adding weight to the theory that it just doesn’t count.

For the real first kiss, Fischer points to the season two finale: “Casino Night.” Jim finally professes his love for Pam and the season ends in the clinch Jim fans had been clamoring for for weeks (even though the will-they/won’t-they status of their relationship would still take a while to fully resolve). We agree that that one has some serious emotion behind it, making it far more meaningful. But the debate rages on.


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