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The Office’s "fire drill" scene makes a surprisingly effective horror short

Screenshot: The Office (YouTube)

Looks like Dunder Mifflin might not be such a fun place to work after all. With just a handful of simple edits and a new creepy score, videographer Austin Spencer transformed the hilarious “fire drill” scene from The Office into a harrowing look at one man’s decent into madness. That man is, of course, Assistant to the Regional Manager Dwight Schrute, and his fanatical passion for his job is going drive everyone into the grave.


Fans will remember that in the original episode this scene is played for laughs. Dwight is a bit overzealous in his role as office fire safety expert and decides to put his coworkers to the test with a live drill, which results in everyone running around screaming. This response to a real emergency still feels a bit over the top, even in the new horror edit, but we imagine we wouldn’t act too differently in real life. It just goes to show the difference between wacky, workplace antics and the actions of a deranged madman is all a matter of tone.

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