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The Office might get a reboot next season

What do you do when negotiations with the cast of a seasoned sitcom stall? Well, if you’re the producers of The Office, you apparently think about replacing the actors wholesale. That’s right: According to Deadline, series executive producer Greg Daniels is debating making the next season of The Office a reboot, bringing in a slew of different characters to replace stalwarts John Krasinski, Jenna Fischer, Mindy Kaling, and B.J. Novak—not to mention the potentially farm-bound Rainn Wilson—whose contracts expire at the end of this spring. It won’t be a complete retooling, since Daniels is thinking about mixing in some of the old characters in with the new. But still: The Office without Jim or Pam? After Steve Carell left last season, the show recovered reasonably well, but it’s not clear what Dunder-Mifflin would look like without the romantic couple at the center of all the action. NBC’s supposedly waiting to make the big decision until after reviewing the pilots for the season, but we hope this doesn’t mean the end of Jim. Who’s going to encase the staplers in Jell-O now?


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