Monster Trucks (Photo: Paramount Pictures)

Barack Obama and his family were famously big movie buffs, taking advantage of the White House movie theater for a number of screenings of fresh movie releases. Pretty much any new movie release, in fact; that’s according to The Hollywood Reporter, which notes that some of the Obamas’ final choices included La La Land, several other Oscar contenders, and Monster Trucks.

The report doesn’t make it clear which Obama specifically requested the film, which—in case you forgot—is about a monster that is also a truck. Weinstein intern Malia? Sasha? Michelle? Barry O. himself? We might never know. Still, the Obamas’ presidential movie habit isn’t new; Bill Clinton apparently had a similar love, although he got most of his movies on DVD. “George W. Bush, not so much,” said one studio executive who fielded presidential requests.


Meanwhile, Donald Trump has only asked for two movies to be shown at the theater: Pixar’s Finding Dory, and the James Franco/Bryan Cranston comedy Why Him?, the latter possibly due to a highly successful viral marketing campaign in which millions of people screamed the movie’s name every time they remembered he was president.