In news seemingly intended to bait David Simon into writing enough apoplectic blog entries to wallpaper their living room, as well as lob conservative pundits a softball so maybe they'll stop talking about Batman for a minute, a pair of well-to-do Obama supporters are throwing a Wire-themed party in Martha's Vineyard to raise money and ire for the president's reelection campaign. For a donation ranging from $500 to $2,500, attendees can mingle with the faces of a world of institutionalized corruption where wealth, privilege, and fear of upsetting the status quo ensure that there will never be genuine change, along with meeting various cast members from The Wire. It's not clear whether Omar is, indeed, comin', or which of the other Wire principals might attend, but—despite being a noted Wire fan—it is known that President Obama will not be attending this particular soiree to feast on wine, cheese, and irony while being photographed casually discussing inner-city problems with fake drug dealers and rich people, because he would like to be President some more.