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The OA: Part 2 trailer wakes up in another reality

It’s been over two years since the first season of The OA premiered on Netflix, introducing viewers to the low-key sci-fi world created by frequent collaborators Brit Marling (who also stars) and Zal Batmanglij. The first trailer for the long-awaited second season has arrived, and it has a few surprises–okay, a lot of surprises since pretty much no one can remember what happened in the first season at this point.

A quick recap: Prairie (Marling) is a young woman who returns after having been missing for seven years. Now calling herself “The OA,” Prairie collects a small group of followers, discovers that she was held in captivity and subjected to tests with other “subjects,” and tries to figure out her whole existence. Oh, and she was blind before she went missing, but now she can see. In the second season, which premieres in March, Prairie’s consciousness wakes up in an alternate reality: She lives in San Francisco and she’s wealthy (obviously), and she was never traumatized by any testing (and no one knows who Barack Obama is, so this is clearly the darkest timeline). While this Prairie is working with a private investigator to track down a missing girl, her pals in “this” dimension are trying to figure out what her deal is without her around to guide them.

The OA co-stars Jason Isaacs, Emory Cohen, Phyllis Smith (who really turned it out last season), and Sharon Van Etten. Season two premieres March 22 on Netflix.

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