Screenshot: Fusion World Clan / YouTube

Grand Theft Auto V has been a modder’s dream since its release, with creative players finding ways to insert the likes of Ricky and Morty and a gangly, uncanny Mario into its sprawling open world; 2015’s post-apocalyptic wanderer Fallout 4 provides similar opportunities, and one particular addition to that game has persevered as one of the most memorable mods in this era of gaming.

There’s a perk one can unlock in the game that brings a “Mysterious Stranger” to your aid in times of strife. It usually appears as a Dick Tracy-looking dude, but one modder swapped him out for a bigger, badder model: the Notorious B.I.G.


Not only will the “Mysterious B.I.G.” unload on your enemies, but his presence is also accompanied by relevant rhymes from his songs. See him in action below.

Somebody team this guy up with the Silver Shroud.