Back To The Future

The recently released teaser trailer for The Force Awakens was a masterclass in unraveling years of built-up fan cynicisma deft mixture of tight editing, instantly iconic images, and unashamed pandering to nostalgia. Apparently, the guys behind YouTube video series Mind Over Movies thought that same enthusiasm-building treatment could be well-applied to another beloved sci-fi film series from a more civilized age. Thus, they’ve put together a mash-up trailer that layers The Force Awakens’ audio and style over footage from the ’80s time travel classic Back To The Future. And while it’s almost certainly for the best that Future is seemingly the only well-remembered pop culture fixture from that era to not get the incessant reboot treatment, it’s hard to deny the Pavlovian fanboy reaction that wells up when the movie’s iconic, epoch-spanning DeLorean comes rolling out of its trailer. (Even if the producers did pass up the chance to flash an image of Wendie Jo Sperber on the screen when Mark Hamill’s narration gets to the bit about his sister also possessing the Force.)