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The Night King lives...on Cameo

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[Spoilers for Game Of Thrones season 3, episode 8.]

Cameo is an app in which plebes can pay celebrities to say whatever they want in a personalized video, be it a birthday wish, an inside joke, or, as in the case of Brett Favre and Soulja Boy, a bit of coded anti-semitism. While they work on rectifying that latter wrinkle in their business model, the app has bolstered its ranks with some Game Of Thrones alums, including, most notably, the now-shattered Night King.


Don’t expect Vladimir Furdik to get in full makeup every time you pay him $100 to shout your college’s rallying cry, but know that it will be him and he apparently doesn’t mind being called the Night King. If White Walkers aren’t your thing, there’s a few other actors to choose from, from the guy who played Sam’s dickhole dad to the Tyrell with the silly mustache. If White Walkers are your thing, you have two more to choose from, including the guy who used to play the Night King. Apologies, but Chris Stapleton is otherwise occupied.

See the full list of willing performers here, though do note that the kid who played Young Hodor will write you a song. It will probably be about Hodor.

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