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Screenshot: HBO

There was a lot to see (and not see) in this week’s pivotal Game Of Thrones episode, in which Jon Snow led Winterfell and its allies (and a couple of dragons) in an epic battle against the Night King and his army of White Walkers and the undead. Game Of Thrones would have us believe that the Night King is many things: The grotesque and horrifying personification of pure evil. Death incarnate. An unfeeling psychopath hellbent on erasing life as we know it. Sub-Zero Darth Maul. But what the internet presupposes is... maybe he isn’t? Maybe the Night King revealed his true self when he walked into battle with a full set of almond-shaped nails, emerging as the real beauty icon of Game Of Thrones:


This Twitter user raises an excellent point: Where the hell did the Night King get his expertly-shaped nails done? Is there a wildling salon north of the wall? Where does he find the time to keep up with his beauty regimen?


Another great question:


Follow-up: Is the Night King’s real name Tammy? No wait, I bet it’s Krystal. With a K. These questions may never be answered, but one thing is for certain: The Night King is fabulous.

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