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Photo: HBO

The Night King is meant to be Game Of Thrones’ scariest, most mysterious character (behind Zombie Mountain, of course), but if the network wants to maintain that mystique they might want to scrub the internet of the below video.

In it, the actor playing the monstrous White Walker lip syncs to Drake’s “Passionfruit”—from this year’s solid More Life—delivering a sensual performance that legit might transcend Drake in terms of pure sex appeal. No one should ever be this turned on by a royal ice zombie.

Considering the character is the literal embodiment of death metal, it’s surprising to see anything but Morbid Angel flowing from his lips. But hey, maybe they’re trying to score Aub for a cameo, Sheeran-style.


Anyways, good luck not recalling that shimmy when you see the Night King cooly staring down Gendry’s war hammer on next week’s episode.

UPDATE: Turns out this is actually YouTuber Lilly Singh embodying the fell White Walker, not the actual Night King. Whether or not this will remove the image from your head is up to you.

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