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The Nice Guys’ Beau Knapp to play bad guy in Death Wish remake

Photo: Jared Siskin/Getty Images

As long as we’re coming to terms with the fact that Eli Roth will likely be making the Death Wish reboot into Hostel Part IV: Death Wish Takes Manhattan, we might as well start focusing on the two-dimensional scuzzballs that Bruce Willis’ protagonist will be offing with his hand cannon. It appears as though the chief scuzzball will be Beau Knapp (The Nice Guys). According to Deadline, Knapp has signed on as Knox, the film’s main antagonist, which probably means he’ll get the ugliest death with the splatteriest eviscera. The character does not seem to exist in the original 1974 vigilante fantasy starring Charles Bronson—which mostly focused on cutting down anonymous racial stereotypes—so it’s anyone’s guess how he’ll fit in or to what degree he’ll be covered in grime.

The cast also includes Vincent D’Onofrio, Elisabeth Shue, Dean Norris, Mike Epps, Kimberly Elise, Camilla Morrone, and Ronnie Gene Blevins. No word yet on who will be stepping into the classic roles of Freak #1 and Alley Mugger #1 originated by Jeff Goldblum and Denzel Washington.


[via Empire]

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