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The next Wolverine movie now has a writer

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Don’t be fooled by his flashy metal claws or his luxurious mutton chops; Wolverine’s real superpower is his healing factor, which means he can’t be killed. And the same can be said for Hugh Jackman and his onscreen portrayal of the comic industry’s most famous Canadian. Fox’s recently confirmed sequel to 2013’s The Wolverine will reunite Hugh Jackman with that film’s director, James Mangold, and it will also bring Jackman’s appearances as the scruffy mutant to eight (after this year’s X-Men: Days Of Future Past). Now, as reported by Deadline, the studio has hired David James Kelly to write the as-yet-untitled follow-up. If you’re curious how Kelly will handle the requisite snikts and bubs of a Wolverine script, though his résumé is a little light, Deadline says he’s working on an adaptation of Dark Horse’s Mind Mgmt comic series, and also he was attached as a writer on the Daredevil reboot, before the rights reverted back to Marvel. Also, IMDB says he’s an Eagle Scout, which has to count for something.


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