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The next Terminator movie might have found its director

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After getting familiar with ancient beings roaming crumbling empires in Game Of Thrones and Thor: The Dark World, director Alan Taylor will now help Arnold Schwarzenegger back into the Terminator franchise, Variety reports. Taylor being in talks for the project represents genuine movement on a sequel that’s been eagerly anticipated for 20 years, give or take 17, though details remain scarce on what it will entail when it finally arrives on June 26, 2015. All that’s really known is that it’s meant to be the first in a “standalone trilogy,” except for the part where it features the characters and mythology introduced in all the other Terminator films, and also Arnold Schwarzenegger is in it.


Still, Taylor’s involvement certainly suggests this Terminator movie will have lots of epic battle scenes, which should prove reassuring for those who worried it might be about a bunch of Terminators having a wild bachelor party in Las Vegas, but then the Terminator that’s due to be married gets cold feet, and then his fellow Terminators have to talk him down from backing out of the wedding. ("All my fears have been… terminated," he says by morning, and then it's off to the chapel.) That doesn’t sound like a very good Terminator movie at all.

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