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The next season of Doctor Who gets a new trailer and (finally) a premiere date

It’s been a long time since we heard anything from Doctor Who, not counting the announcement that WarnerMedia’s HBO Max streaming service will soon be the sci-fi show’s digital home, but finally—finally—the Doctor has emerged from her magic police box with a new trailer for the show’s next season and the reveal of when we can finally see that new season. Luckily, that date is relatively soon: New Year’s Day, a.k.a. January 1, 2020. That’s only a month or so!

As for the trailer, it features the Doctor and her new friends wearing suits, riding motorcycles, and chasing after an airplane. Also, there are quick shots of some familiar-looking monsters (one rhymes with “shmyber shmen”) and a guy who looks like Nikola Tesla (that “middle-parted hair and mustache combo” is more identifiable than any kind of electrical science stuff). You can see the trailer above and you can see the show on BBC America on New Year’s Day.


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