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Illustration for article titled The next season of emAmerican Horror Story/em will have more Jesus

Going from being incredibly withholding to doing everything short of acting it out for you, the staff of American Horror Story continue to leak details about the second season of the show, once more telegraphing all of its surprises well in advance. We already know, for instance, that Jessica Lange will star as an administrator at a 1960s-era, East Coast mental institution, once again spar with Zachary Quinto, oversee patients played by Adam Levine and Chloë Sevigny, and become entangled in a May-December romance with her supervisor, likely played by Joseph Fiennes. Now series writer Tim Minear further reveals that Lange will be playing "something a little more patrician" than her character last year—specifically a nun, or as Minear puts it, "a bride of Christ," so that's something else you know now. Anyway, the addition of nuns should answer the first season's glaring shortage of Jesus, except for those scenes where he watched Dylan McDermott masturbate.


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