After releasing a series of cryptic teasers for its third season, American Horror Story has now released a poster whose meaning couldn't be clearer: next season will be about snakes, and the women who love them in a wholly inappropriate fashion.

The season is subtitled Coven, which in most instances refers to a group of witches, but in this instance clearly refers to a group of women who enjoy fellating snakes—or possibly Whitesnake guitarist David Coverdale. (You know: symbolism!) Also, the woman in the middle is, like, totally naked! Or wearing a tank top. Completely up to the viewer to interpret. Either way, it's surprisingly porny for television, even coming from a show whose iconic image is a guy in a bondage suit. One shudders to think what sort of animals will be sexually violated by the time the show reaches season six.

AHS: Coven debuts October 9, as FX turns into a snake-oriented hardcore sex channel so gradually you'll hardly notice.