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After Men In Black 3 ended up being far better than it had any reason to be, it felt like the franchise had found its natural ending point—which, naturally, meant it was time for Hollywood to start planning the next one. In a new interview with the BBC, producer Laurie MacDonald announced the studio is getting to work on a “reinvention” of the series, and that this latest iteration will be about some Women In Black. Or at least one woman, anyway.

“There will be a prominent woman in black in the fourth [film],” she said, perhaps testing the waters of public opinion before launching into a full-on decision as to what that actually entails. (We can’t imagine why anyone would be antsy about publicly declaring a new all-female version of a film series.) But Men In Black isn’t exactly America’s most beloved property, so she can probably relax. Despite moving the film away from the relationships that defined the first three, MacDonald clearly hopes Will Smith might make an appearance, despite what he’s said: “Never count Will out,” she said, which is good advice, given the Fresh Prince’s firm belief in winning any bout you throw at him. Also, no further word on whether they’re still pursuing that crossover with 21 Jump Street, but that would likely engender less online vitriol than having a woman star. “It’s about ethics in cross-promotional synergy!” should make a nice rallying cry.


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