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The next James Bond film will probably be called Skyfall

Thanks to the suave yet gritty super-sleuths over at Fusible.com, the Internet is now pretty sure that the next James Bond film will be titled Skyfall. The site picked up on the fact that Sony has suddenly registered various domain names such as “jamesbondskyfall.com” and “skyfallthefilm.com”—and as everyone knows, you don’t register domain names on the Internet unless you’re really, really serious. That’s why somebody has already registered, for example, “ElephantFart.com,” because they someday hope to design a project that will make the most of that URL’s potential. Anyway, this is the same way that everyone found out the last Bond film would be called Quantum Of Solace, which ended up actually being the title despite everyone instantly agreeing that that sounded ridiculous. Skyfall, at least, has a sort of Death Blow-esque punch to it. Though it also definitely sounds like a shitty metalcore band that’s probably playing somewhere near you this weekend, and who are reading this news right now and going, “Aww, daaaaaaamn.” [via THR]


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