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Illustration for article titled The next emDie Hard/em film will be called emA Good Day To Die Hard/em

Like an ordinary man who finds himself in unthinkable situation again and again and again and then again with Justin Long for some reason, half the fun of a new Die Hard is seeing how the words “Die Hard” will be awkwardly thrust into each successive title of the action franchise, where it will once more be forced to battle an all-new threat of evil, meaningless modifiers for coherence. And apparently, February 14, 2013 will be A Good Day To Die Hard—and not only because it’s Valentine’s Day, and instead of canoodling with someone who loves you, you’re going to see a superannuated Bruce Willis cheat death in his fourth straight decade. It’s also because, as recently revealed by Fox CEO Tom Rothman, that’s the title of the John Moore-directed sequel, which finds Willis’ John McClane traveling to Russia to rescue his son, John McClane Jr., then getting entangled in yet another high-octane adventure in a place where “nothing is as it seems.” Rothman didn’t offer any further details, but most likely he’s referring to how Russia seems like a big country, but really, it’s no match for one sarcastic New York cop who’s feeling kinda grumpy today.


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