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The next CSI spinoff will investigate the many crimes of the Internet

After 14 years of prodding the grisly corpses of Las Vegas, Miami, and New York, CSI is shifting its focus to the many, far more heinous sights to be found on the Internet, where “grisly corpses” is just the beginning of a search term for porn. CBS is developing a third spinoff of its long-running CSI franchise focusing on cybercrime, based on the work of the show’s producer, cyberpsychologist Mary Aiken, and her groundbreaking research revealing that sometimes people on the Internet behave like assholes. CSI: A/S/L Wanna Cyber? [note: probably not its real title] will follow FBI investigations into “major crimes that start in the mind, live on-line, and play out into the real world.” It is expected to give your grandmother a more graphically violent reason to fear computers.

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