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Assassin's Creed Origins

Every E3 has a number of worst-kept secrets, and at least one of them is usually related to an Assassin’s Creed game. This year is no different, with the existence of a new sequel called Assassin’s Creed Origins leaking out recently. Today, during its annual E3 briefing, Microsoft confirmed that the boringly titled Origins is real, that it’s coming to Xbox One (and the Xbox One X), and that it’ll be set in ancient Egypt. As indicated by the title, the game will detail the origin of the Assassin cult that the other games—and that movie—are based on, and the trailer that Microsoft showed off highlighted some new gameplay advances like bows, shields, and some kind of mystical connection to a hawk.

It’s unclear if Origins will have some kind of present day/real world angle, as more recent games in the series of begun abandoning that conceit, but more information about the game will probably leak out soon. You can see some footage of the game below.

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