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The Newsroom woke 2.1 million viewers from their complacent slumber last night

While its actual effects can only truly be measured years from now, in the number of Millennials inspired to honor the great men that came before them and humbly put its lessons to work, in terms of playing the petty corporate game of "TV ratings," Aaron Sorkin's The Newsroom did relatively well. Last night's premiere episode forever impacted 2.1 million viewers even before it was loosed upon the world—a number that may pale in comparison to the 4.8 million-strong debut of Boardwalk Empire (since America loves to wallow in its own corruption), but it bests the 2008 premiere of True Blood's 1.4 million viewers and nearly matches the 2010 premiere of Game Of Thrones at 2.1 million. And much like both of those shows, The Newsroom features idealistic heroes bravely fighting against foes that mostly exist in the realm of imagination, so surely it's also destined to start building word-of-mouth buzz and take off. Anyway, if you see Aaron Sorkin today, give him a high-five—unless you're one of those damned Internet girls who make Aaron Sorkin sick for not knowing how to high-five. In which case, just get back on the Internet, girl.


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