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The newly unearthed Star Wars blooper reel is full of stunt blunders and line flubs

J.W. Winzler has done extensive work cataloguing the making of the Star Wars films. But along with all of the unearthed enlightening information in his books, he also uncovered long-lost bloopers, which he then displayed at Comic-Con over the summer. The reel has now made it to YouTube, and it’s pretty endearing. Alec Guinness gets smacked in the face by Chewbacca’s arm. Peter Cushing trips over his lines before laughing with Carrie Fisher. Harrison Ford eats his headset after flubbing a line in the Millennium Falcon. And Mark Hamill getting particular about the pronunciation of “supernova.” (“It’s superNOva, not supernovA,” said the overlap between Star Wars and Harry Potter.) And then there’s the accidentally hilarious stunt disaster with a group of Stormtroopers trying to get through a wall that didn’t quite blow out the way the special effects department planned. The first few shots in the reel don’t have any sound, but that doesn’t make helmets falling off or Anthony Daniels making his way up a sand dune in the Tunisian desert as C-3PO before taking a tumble any less funny.

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