In all the nostalgic high school hardcore kid excitement following the announcement that Refused and At the Drive-In would be reforming to play a crowded, too hot outdoor festival in California, the fIREHOSE reunion kind of got lost in the shuffle. But an announcement on Prefix earlier today confirms it: fIREHOSE, a.k.a. “Mike Watt’s other other band,” is reuniting. Not just for Coachella, but for a string of West-ish Coast dates, which will see the band holing up in a series of clubs, ballrooms, and coconut groves leading up to the festival.

The excellent art punk trio split in 1994, shortly after the release of their fifth full-length, 1993’s Mister Machinery Operator. Watt’s been dropping hints over the past year-or-so that he may be reuniting with drummer George Hurley and guitarist/vocalist Ed Crawford. But honestly, between his radio show, gigs with art rock improvisers Banyan, playing with the re-formed Stooges, the Missingmen, a solo album conceptually tied to the work of Hieronymus Bosch, and a half-dozen other side projects, we never thought he’d get around to it. Then again, considering that bands never really stay broken up anymore and because Coachella seems to exist purely to aggressively nudge them in the ribs, plead “C’maaaaan,” and seduce them out of seclusion with cartoon sacks of gold doubloons, we can’t act that surprised.

April 5—Harlow’s—Sacramento. California
April 6—Doug Fir—Portland, Oregon
April 7—Neumos—Seattle, Washington
April 9—Wild Buffalo House of Music—Bellingham, Washington
April 10—WOW Hall—Eugene, Oregon
April 11—Slim’s—San Francisco, California
April 12—Historic Coconut Grove Ballroom—Santa Cruz, California
April 13—Fulton 55—Fresno, California
April 17—Crescent Ballroom—Phoenix, Arizona
April 18—Orpheum Theatre—Flagstaff, Arizona
April 19—Plush—Tucson, Arizona
April 20—Coachella Music Festival—Indio, California