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Hollywood power-of-the-Lord couple Roma Downey and Mark Burnett have attached themselves to yet another biblical TV project, this one for all the God-fearing ladies out there. The Women Of The Bible, narrated by Downey, will mix the stories of some of the Bible’s biggest babes, like Eve, Rahab, and Mother Mary, with interviews from prominent female biblical scholars. The special, which will air on Lifetime (“Television For Cubits”) before the network’s biblical miniseries The Red Tent, is just the latest in a long line of Bible-focused projects from the religious duo. (Downey came to fame on the ‘90s soft-focus extravaganza Touched By An Angel, while Burnett rose to prominence as a producer in 2000, when he adapted Jesus’s parable of “The Island Full Of Scheming Assholes” as Survivor. He later recounted the life of Christ, Himself, as Survivor: Redemption Island.)

Downey and Burnett broke big into biblical TV in 2013 with their 10-episode History Channel miniseries The Bible (adapted this year into the feature release Son Of God). Since then, they’ve signed deals for religious programming with multiple networks, including a divine intervention show for TLC and a Bible follow-up, A.D., for NBC. They’ve also been attached as producers to the upcoming Ben Hur. The couple has presumably gained their amazing religious powers by ignoring, in saintly fashion, the millions of crass Touched By An Angel jokes hacky Internet writers are constantly making about their sex lives.


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