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Screenshot: Zombieland: Double Tap (YouTube)

Look, we’re excited for Ruben Fleischer’s Zombieland sequel. The original cast—Woody Harrelson, Emma Stone, Jesse Eisenberg, and Abigail Breslin—are back. Luke Wilson and Rosario Dawson are there. And, hell, we just need more horror comedy. Jesus, though, the movie’s fuck-filled new trailer is a lot, with the meta jokes piling on top of each other like so many undead flesh-sacks. Also, Monica Lewinsky cigar jokes? Come on.

Still, it looks fun as hell.. There’s guts, monster trucks, weed, and Bill Murray, who—and we can’t tell if this happens within the movie or if it’s just a bit for the trailer—informs Al Roker that his infamous cameo in the original happened because “drugs cost money.”


Watch the trailer above ahead of its opening this Friday.

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