Should you be exhausted of the gentle chuckles to be found in, say, considering the pop-sociological implications of Park Slope's newest playgrounds, or merely left in a contentedly sated state of mind from previewing the latest photo exhibit about how much better Manhattan was in the '70s, The New Yorker has devised another way to stimulate the faintest impression of joy. The magazine is hosting one of its semi-popular cartoon caption contests based around the time Seinfeld pointed out how terribly unfunny those are, with readers being asked to submit their own ideas for this doodle of a pig visiting a complaint department—the very same one that Elaine slaved over all night before unconsciously stealing a Ziggy. Prospective winners will have to best Elaine's plagiarized "I wish I were taller" line, as well as Jerry's "I can't find my receipt, my place is a sty" and Kramer's "My wife is a slut," all while capturing the same commentary on contemporary mores and particular vorshtein that is the hallmark of the New Yorker cartoon. True, cartoons are gossamer, and one doesn't dissect gossamer, but obviously if you can successfully cram the word "Romney" in there, The New Yorker is probably going to pick yours. [via IndieWire]