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The New York Times assembles an omnibus of Trump’s presidential lies

(Photo: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

Here’s a handy read for anybody who likes to bum themselves out on a Friday evening: The New York Times has taken every lie and falsehood told by President Donald Trump since he took office back in January, and assembled them all in one place. You’ll presumably be shocked to learn that the resulting document ends up being kind of massive.

Trump’s false comments range all over the place, from his frequently touted claims about his inauguration numbers, to his self-applied role in pre-existing foreign policy deals, to The Times itself. Indeed, there are very few aspects of the presidency that Trump’s attitude toward the truth hasn’t impact in some way or another. Meanwhile, The Times also did a nifty calendar visualization, demonstrating all the days since Trump took office that he said something that demonstrably wasn’t true. (It also notes that, of the days where that didn’t happen, he was often spending time offline at one of his many personal properties.)


Anyway, this isn’t anything we didn’t necessarily know; it’s just nice (?) to have the lies, and the subsequent fact-checking disproving them, all tied up in one neat, depressing bow.

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