Putting an end to months of the Internet having fun by suggesting satirical subtitles, Paramount has confirmed the actual name of the next Transformers film, thus removing any lingering opportunity for the audience to play with its toys. So set aside your Trans4mers and Transfahmahs, and passively accept the dawn of Transformers: Age Of Extinction—an age of things past their time dying a natural death, in the fourth movie of the Transformers series. As teased in the poster below, Transformers: Age Of Extinction may not only find Mark Wahlberg putting a stop to extinction (maybe starting by asking what extinction’s problem is and to think real hard about what it wants to do here), some have also speculated, because of the extinction and dirt, that the film might feature the long-rumored appearance of the Dinobots—robots who disguise themselves not as cars but as dinosaurs, so that people who see them are just like, “Oh, that’s just an ordinary dinosaur. On with my life!” That’s still unconfirmed as yet, but what Age of Extinction will definitely feature is that much-promised human element and a “grounded” story, as the human element is ground into the dirt by giant lizard robots.