Back in 2011, Indonesian martial arts film The Raid: Redemption became a surprise cult hit, with Gareth Evans’ tale of a police squad’s attempt at overtaking an apartment building run by a crime lord becoming one of the year’s most critically lauded (and Ebert-hated) films. Now Evans and company have birthed a pencak silat-laden sequel, The Raid 2, which just screened at Sundance to similar acclaim. Due in theaters March 28, The Raid 2 follows Redemption’s Officer Rama as he goes undercover to once again try and overthrow some underworld scum. As one might expect, things don’t go exactly as planned, and there’s a whole bunch of kicking and punching involved. There’s also some stuff with some pipes and knives and baseball bats and hammers and curved blades and guns and windows—you get the picture.