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You think you know NBC’s This Is Us? You think you know everything there is to know about this family and the various tragedies that have befallen its members of the years? Well, buddy, you don’t know shit. NBC just dropped a new trailer for the show’s upcoming fourth season, and it’s all built around a huge twist: Season four is going to have new characters who are all very important to the This Is Us saga even though nobody has mentioned them before. Mandy Moore even underlines this with a line to Milo Ventimiglia about how “terrifying” it is to know that “a complete stranger can become such a big part of your story.”


So who are these complete strangers? This trailer keeps things mysterious, but they include Jennifer Morrison, Omar Epps, Timothy Omundson, Julian Silva, Asante Blackk, Marsha Stephanie Blake, and… wait a minute, who’s this guy?

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It’s freakin’ M. Night Shyamalan! Talk about a twist! We don’t know what he’ll be doing on This Is Us, but if his other acting roles are anything to go by, he’ll be distractingly crucial to the central plot. Maybe he’s the inventor of the slow cooker that killed Milo Ventimiglia?

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