(Photo: Marvel Comics)

Ignoring the brilliant simplicity and simple genius of Spider-Man: Teen Hero Who Learns About Responsibility And Punching Through The Overcoming Of Adversity, Sony has finally announced the name of its upcoming, Tom-Holland-starring film about Marvel’s most beloved (and frequently rebooted) wall-crawler: Spider-Man: Homecoming. The studio made the announcement at yesterday’s CinemaCon presentation, where it also showed off some footage of the new movie, reportedly featuring a guest appearance from Robert Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark.

According to studio chairman Tom Rothman, the new title—one of several that’ve been floating around over the last few weeks, thanks to the work of domain-hunting internet detectives—is meant to evoke both Peter Parker’s journey toward stability, as well as a thing that happens in high schools, where the movie is expected to take place. (We would have gone with Spider-Man: Persistent Existential Dread or Spider-Man: Hideous Puberty Monster, but that’s just speaking from our own scholastic experiences.) The film is able to feature characters like Downey’s Stark—who’s apparently seen speaking to Marisa Tomei’s Aunt May, suggesting Peter Parker’s secret identity might not be all that secret this time around—thanks to a deal worked out last year between Sony and Marvel, which was happy enough to promote the film on its official Twitter account:


[via The Associated Press]