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The new Spider-Man and Mary Jane are great dancers

(Photo: Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images)

Spider-Man: Homecoming isn’t due out for about another year, but expect the press tour to be an assault attack of adorable antics if this Instagram video is any indication. You see, our Spidey and Mary Jane—if a recent report is to be believed—can groove. Choreographer Deja Carter posted a video of Tom Holland and Zendaya doing a dance called the Typo Challenge. (Carter herself is also participating.) It begs a couple of questions: Why isn’t their Marvel movie a musical? Can they star in La La Land 2? Should we maybe try to revive Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark? Regardless, they are too cute together, and we will now demand many more performances of this ilk.


Now, their talents shouldn’t really be surprising. Zendaya is a pop star, and Tom Holland was once a Billy Elliot on stage in London. Apparently he’s still got those ballet skills. MTV unearthed Snapchat footage of what appears to be that same hang session.

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