We already told you about the upcoming RE:GENERATION series featuring artists from different genres coming together in collaboration. The most suspect pairing by far is dorm-room dubstep kingpin Skrillex joining up with The Doors—as in the classic-rock band, as in the group that’s carried on in various guises since the death of Jim Morrison 40 years ago, as in the dudes who should never make dubstep records. Now the Skrillex/Doors song has surfaced, and it’s a doozy: It’s called “Breakin’ A Sweat (It’s Alright),” and while it doesn’t sound much like the Doors—or “a variation on ‘Milestones’ by Miles Davis”—it definitely suggests that everybody should get off Lou Reed and Metallica’s backs right about now. [via Prefix]


Skrillex & The Doors - Breakin' A Sweat (It's Alright) by JustDoHits