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The new Rogue One trailer has a bunch of little details contained within it

Screenshot: Rogue One trailer

A new trailer for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story was released last week, to near universal approval, meaning it was a weekend in which a lot of us nerds were able to soak in another couple minutes of footage at our leisure. And while you may enjoy painstakingly freezing the trailer frame by frame, the better to tease out all its secrets, most of us prefer to have the heavy lifting done by someone else. (Those beers weren’t going to drink themselves.) And that’s why we have Mr Sunday Movies. Though he’s previously assessed the number of times Superman has killed people (and Batman, too), in this video he turns his attention to the latest Rogue One trailer—not to break down how many people die in it (though it’s more than a few, by our count), but to dig into all the fun little details and oblique references contained therein.

He kicks things off talking about what’s new, such as the ground vehicles, ships, and soldiers, but soon he’s discussing the difference in characters’ appearances stemming from reshoots, interviews where cast members drop spoilers about storylines, and generally leaving no stone unturned. It’s a useful way to get updated on aspects of the film you may not have considered previously—especially in terms of how it will and won’t intersect with A New Hope, the film closest to this one in the Star Wars timeline—and his genial demeanor makes it a lot more watchable than many trailer breakdowns. Plus, he quietly insists upon an unpopular, but factual, hashtag: #RogueOneIsAPrequel.


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