Like a shellshocked veteran unable to leave the past behindwhich, you would be forgiven for forgetting, is the original premise of the seriesit seems Sylvester Stallone will never escape the dark hold the Rambo movies keep on his heart. According to Coming Soon, a fifth movie is once again in development, despite the 68-year-old actor’s previously stated reticence to continue the series after 2008’s Rambo. Some respite may be on the horizon for America’s favorite bag of sinews, muscle, and human growth hormone, however: The film is apparently titled Rambo: Last Blood, a reference to series starter First Blood, with the inherent suggestion that it will be the final film in what future historians will delight in calling “The Rambo Pentalogy.”

Of course, shutting the door on the 32-year-old action series before its star even hits 70 seems like a risky move for the film’s distributor, Lionsgate—especially considering the 2008 film’s success at the box office, as well as the popularity, however waning, of Stallone’s equally testosterone-fueled Expendables franchise. To be fair, Rambo is a series that already has a movie with the ludicrous-sounding title First Blood Part II, so honestlyand as always when dealing with Sylvester Stalloneall linguistic and semantic bets are off.