As we’ve all learned over the past few weeks of playing Pokémon Go, being the very best like no one ever was involves a lot of walking. Combine all of that walking with the way global warming has turned our planet into an inhospitable wasteland, and you have a recipe for some sweaty—and smelly—Pokémon trainers. Luckily, Fragrance.com is now offering a special Pokémon Eau De Toilette that will (hopefully) guarantee you continue to smell fresh whether you’re in the middle of capturing your first Pidgey or your thousandth.

This comes from InStyle, which shares an Instagram post explaining that the fragrance contains orange blossom, vanilla, and musk, and it’s held in a bottle emblazoned with the Pokémon logo and the cheery face of Pikachu, everyone’s favorite electric mouse. Plus, a bottle of the Pokémon fragrance only costs $12, which means it won’t impact your Pokéball or lure budget too much. It’s unclear just how official any of this is, though, so there’s a chance that Nintendo or The Pokémon Company could stomp this out of existence at any moment. Of course, that just means that any bottles you buy before that will be collector’s items, so this is really just a wise investment either way.