The lengthy gag reel from each season of Parks And Recreation is a hotly anticipated bonus feature with such a tight-knit cast so talented that they crack each other up with improvisations and flubs. The fifth season compendium is no exception, with a bunch of alternate takes and behind-the-scenes fun like Chris Pratt and Aubrey Plaza humming “Carol Of The Bells” while shooting the Christmas episode. (“That’s not snow!”) The interstitial shorts between the bloopers show commercials for Tom Haverford’s Rent-A-Swag (“No problem Lorenzo, here’s your mom’s credit card.”), Councilman Jamm’s “MILF discount” at his orthodontics practice, a classic episode of the Perd Hapley film review show Lights, Camera, Perd, and an extended preview of Ron Swanson’s talk show You’re On With Ron. It’s over 20 minutes of extra footage—spread over five parts—with a bunch of hilarious bits that’ll make you want to watch Patton Oswalt’s Star Wars monologue all over again.